5 Points On What Trump’s Bogus Elections Commission Is Really About

TPM,  May 17, 2017
1 Beware the heavy emphasis on voter fraud....Study after study has found voter fraud—and particularly the types of fraud prevented by a voter ID—to be extremely rare. ... 2 The Trump administration is stressing that commission will be bipartisan, but the lack of participation to this point by any moderate, widely-respected Republican election officials is notable. Instead the GOPers tapped so far for the commission are on the fringe when it comes to voting issues. ... 3 The executive order makes no such reference in the commission’s mission, suggesting that the study of voter suppression is not actually a priority of the commission. ... 4 The emphasis on confidence reflects a broader shift in the legal defense of restrictive voting laws: in the absence of legitimate cases of voter fraud to justify the new laws, proponents have argued that because people believe there is a prevalence of voter fraud, the laws are necessary. ... 5 Overblown concern about non-citizens being registered to vote is the latest frontier in the campaign to enact stricter laws. By Tierney Sneed Read the full article...