Are you registered to vote, Alabama? Are you sure? You'd better check

Alabama Media Group,  August 10, 2017

This year, county registrars and the Alabama Secretary of State's office are in the process of updating the state's voter rolls. However, that process has left some voters listed as inactive, including some who say they have voted in recent elections.

Already, some voters who have tried to vote by absentee ballot have discovered their registrations had been changed by mistake….We asked readers to check their registrations through the Secretary of State's website. Several people reported they, too, had been moved to "inactive" status mistakenly or they could not find any records of their registration at all, no matter if they had voted recently. …

[T]he best option is to contact the county registrar's office to inquire why [your] name is no longer on the voter rolls.

By Kyle Whittier

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