Texas law makes it hard for some bedrock citizens to get voter IDs

The Dallas Morning News,  June 3, 2014

The law of unintended consequences often refers to governments that make changes but can’t anticipate the negative fallout.

Which is my way of introducing you to Ruby Barber, Dorothy Card and Mary Dina Ansler.

Forgive me for sharing their ages, but, in order, they are 92, 84 and 96 — a combined 272 years of American citizenship.

So why should these women have to return again and again to state offices to obtain a Texas photo ID card so they can vote in person?

They couldn’t get a photo ID on their first try, or even their second. The reason? None of them had proper identifying documents.

And you thought 16-year-olds were the ones most often turned away from driver’s license offices because of inadequate documentation? Now it’s teens and seniors, thanks to the state’s strict new voter ID law and accompanying Texas Department of Public Safety rules.

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