Voter advocacy groups fielded complaints about Texas poll problems

The Houston Chronicle,  June 19, 2017
Hundreds were delayed from voting and others were nearly turned away entirely during the presidential election because of confusion over current state voter ID laws, a new report from a voting rights advocacy group shows. ... A total of 123 people during early voting and 186 on election day called to report confusion about voter identification requirements, often prompted by misleading information at polling locations or inaccurate information from poll workers. ... Even though the court ordered voters who did not have one of the forms of ID must still be allowed to vote, many polling sites during early voting included signs that said voter ID was required with no reference to allowable exceptions. Several polling sites in counties such as Bexar and Dallas had instances where misleading signs were posted in the first few days of the early voting period, according to the report. "The inaccurate signage and misinformation combined with apparent failures in poll worker training resulted in at least several cases where voters were almost wrongly turned away," the [Texas Civil Rights Project]'s report showed. By Jeremy Wallace and Forrest Milburn Read the full article...