Spread The Word

Join VoteRiders' community of people making sure the right to vote is protected! Here are some things you can do to Spread the Word about VoteRiders and voter ID:

  • Learn if your state has a voter ID law and if so, its requirements.
  • If you live in a voter ID state, make sure you and your friends, neighbors and family members have the right ID.
    • Survey evidence showed that 99% of Pennsylvanians who voted in 2008 thought that they had the right ID, and 12% of them were wrong, mostly because their ID had expired. NOW is the time to make sure your ID is valid and to renew it if necessary.
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  • Follow VoteRiders on Twitter as well as retweet and interact with us!
  • Submit your compelling video or written story of a citizen’s efforts to get a voter ID.
  • Take the VoteRiders Pledge to Take a Friend to the DMV (or wherever they get a voter ID in their state). Reach out to your friends and family who live in the states that have a voter ID law to make sure they have a current and valid ID.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please Contact Us.