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Early voting for the 2014 Elections has started in many states, and VoteRiders is receiving reports of widespread confusion across the country regarding voter ID requirements, even in non-voter ID states. Have you or someone you know experienced any type of difficulty when trying to vote due to voter ID? We would love for you to record your experience and share it with us!

Please upload your video to YouTube with the tags #VoterIDProblems and #VoteRiders, then paste a link to your video in the box below. Please upload a video that:

  • Includes an on-camera consent: “I am [First and Last Name] and I give my consent for VoteRiders to use my image or likeness for their distribution and awareness efforts.”
  • Is easy to hear. Try to record in a quiet area or with a microphone if you are in a public space.
  • Is well lit. Don’t record with a light behind you – in front of a window, for example.
  • If photographed with a smartphone, please hold it horizontally while shooting your footage.
  • Along with telling the voter ID story, whoever is featured should please state and spell their name and share their city, state, and polling location if recorded at a polling location.

If you cannot submit a video, VoteRiders is also interested in your and others’ written stories about problems (and, hopefully, successes) encountered in getting a voter ID.

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