Voter ID for Absentee Ballots

absentee ballot mailingID requirements for absentee ballots are set by each state and can be less stringent than ID requirements when voting in person. See below for details on absentee ballot eligibility and what ID, if any, is needed to vote absentee.


Who is eligible for Absentee Voting?

Must meet one of the following:

  • Will be absent from your voting jurisdiction on Election Day
  • Incapacitated or confined due to illness or physical disability, or have primary responsibility of caring for an incapacitated or confined person
  • Restricted by religious belief or practice
  • Employed by an election authority
  • Incarcerated but have retained all voting qualifications
What types of ID are required to apply for Absentee Voting?
  • ID issued by state of Missouri, agency of the state or local elections authority of the state;
  • Government ID;
  • ID issued by institution of higher education w/in state of Missouri;
  • Current utility bill, bank statement, gov’t check, pay check or other gov’t document with name and address of voter;
  • ID approved by the Secretary of State of Missouri.

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