Wisconsin Voter ID Information

Voter ID Hotlines: 414-882-8622 or 608-729-7720

Quick Guide to Wisconsin Voter ID

IDs that are NOT VALID for voting in Wisconsin include:

  • Non-Wisconsin driver’s licenses
  • Student ID from an accredited WI university, college, or technical college that does NOT contain the student’s name, signature, picture, date the card was issued and expiration date (maximum two years) plus SEPARATE proof of enrollment.

Groups impacted by the voter ID law are those who may not have a current WI driver’s license: students, older adults, people with disabilities or low income, and voters of color. Women’s right to vote is also at risk because 90% change their names upon marriage. Wisconsin requires that the name on your photo ID “conform to the voter’s name on the poll list,” although “an exact match is not necessary.” Consequently, whether a woman - or any other - voter receives a regular ballot is subject to poll workers’ interpretation.

VoteRiders’ on-the-ground experience corroborates a new study: net 9% of registered voters in the most competitive U.S. Congressional district in Texas did not vote in 2014 because they were understandably confused and intimidated about the state’s voter ID law - even though they did, in fact, have the correct ID to vote. The result? Without the voter ID education and assistance that VoteRiders and our Partners are providing, an additional 303,609 Wisconsinites may lose their right to vote.

Take Action!

NOW is the time to act, since it can take a long time to obtain the records you need from government bureaucracies or the courts (for instance, if a name change or amended birth certificate is required). Your donation to VoteRiders helps us to provide education and direct assistance so all citizens are able to exercise their right to vote.

  • Spread the word to ensure you and your fellow voters have the right ID to vote - the correct form, date of expiration, name match, photo resemblance - or valid exemption! 
  • Confirm that you and your friends, neighbors and family members have a valid ID, and renew it if necessary.
  • Take the VoteRiders Pledge to Take a Friend to the DMV.
  • Become an Attorney Voter Advocate to assist voters to secure those key legal documents.
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VoteRiders in Wisconsin: 2015-2016

Through the 2016 General Election, VoteRiders is focusing on Wisconsin because:

  • Wisconsin's recently enacted voter ID law requires that registered voters show one of only seven kinds of government-issued photo identification to vote. 
  • More than 300,000 Wisconsinites do not have a Wisconsin driver’s license nor U.S. passport according to expert testimony. 
  • Highly competitive elections in 2016 will increase voter interest and the demand for voter IDs. 

In addition to VoteRiders’ outreach and assistance to veterans and other at-risk voters, our plan in Wisconsin includes:

  • Work with on-the-ground Partner Organizations to train volunteer Voter Advocates, host Voter ID Clinics and otherwise provide voter ID information and other outreach to their communities using our multi-lingual materials.
  • Voter Advocates will assist affected Wisconsin voters wherever they congregate, such as churches and community centers.
  • Pro bono Attorney Voter Advocates, with our free Clinic-in-a-Box™ and other assistance, provide streamlined legal help to Partners and at-risk Wisconsin voters.

2017 Election Dates in Wisconsin