2020 Starts Now!

2020 Starts Now!

2020 elections may seem a long way away, but NOW is actually the crucial time to lay the foundation for the next two years. We predict that 2020 will be unlike anything we've ever seen when it comes to civic engagement. Here's a quick preview of how we're planning on making an impact on who gets to vote in the NEXT election cycle. We're so excited to get started with this work. 

And we'd be so honored to have you join us! 

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Expand and deepen our "Direct Voter Contact" (DVC) partnerships with organizations that have one-to-one contact with voters. The DVC program proved to be an efficient and effective way to make a huge impact in 2018. We will hit the ground running in 2019 to ensure VoteRiders' integration into partner organizations' voter outreach plans.

Expand our staff and programing to include North Carolina, a highly competitive state with a new voter photo ID law (based on their just-passed constitutional amendment).

Continue to directly connect with - and assist - voters in every state through our state Voter ID Coalition Coordinators, our Voter ID Helpline, and referrals from partner organizations' voter ID outreach efforts.

Build on our successful voter outreach innovations including VoteRiders texting and chatbot technology (with Democracy Labs); peer-to-peer networking;  "flooding the zone" with VoteRiders' wallet cards, posters, stickers; voter ID PSAs; and training volunteers and partner organization members and staff.