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Steven's Voter ID Story

Steven’s Voter ID Story

January 2018 - CENTRAL FLORIDA -  Steven is a veteran of the United States Army from Seminole County, Florida. He met our Florida Coordinator, Jazlyn Gallego, at a Goodwill Job Fair. Steven approached Jazlyn to ask if he was now able to vot ...

More than a voter: Michael's voter ID story

More than a voter: Michael’s voter ID story

October 2018 - DELAND, FLORIDA - Michael Frank met VoteRiders at a Goodwill Job Connection Center Job Fair. He came ready with a social security card and birth certificate and asked if Jazlyn Gallego, our Florida Coordinator, could help him renew his ...

Three IDs, no vote: Lily's voter ID story

Three IDs, no vote: Lily’s voter ID story

September 2018 - ARIZONA -  Lily (not her real name) fled Wyoming after a divorce from an abusive marriage. She moved to Arizona with an expired Wyoming driver’s license. Her birth certificate and Social Security card bear her maiden name, ...