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2020 Starts Now!

2020 Starts Now!

2020 elections may seem a long way away, but NOW is actually the crucial time to lay the foundation for the next two years. We predict that 2020 will be unlike anything we've ever seen when it comes to civic engagement. Here's a qui ...

More than a voter: Michael's voter ID story

More than a voter: Michael’s voter ID story

October 2018 - DELAND, FLORIDA - Michael Frank met VoteRiders at a Goodwill Job Connection Center Job Fair. He came ready with a social security card and birth certificate and asked if Jazlyn Gallego, our Florida Coordinator, could help him renew his expired ID to vote. Michael h ...

Three IDs, no vote: Lily's voter ID story

Three IDs, no vote: Lily’s voter ID story

September 2018 - ARIZONA -  Lily (not her real name) fled Wyoming after a divorce from an abusive marriage. She moved to Arizona with an expired Wyoming driver’s license. Her birth certificate and Social Security card bear her maiden name, and her expired Wyoming licens ...

Students and voter ID in Florida: Daniel's Voter ID Story

Students and voter ID in Florida: Daniel’s Voter ID Story

November 2018 - ORLANDO, FL - See video below! Daniel Molina is a senior at the University of Central Florida. He is an active and enthusiastic voter who recently interned for a local campaign. He met our Florida Coordinator Jazlyn Gallego at a university voting event. Daniel' ...

Making Wisconsin Vote Again

Making Wisconsin Vote Again

Oprah Winfrey recently described the form of government which some Americans now feel they must fight to preserve: The foundation of democracy is to think about other people, to live a life in service to others… recognizing that what is good for everybody is what’s good for us.” ...