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People like you face - and are able to overcome - challenges obtaining or renewing their ID to vote every day!

Confusing information. Missing or expensive documentation. Inconvenient or impossible hours waiting at the DMV.

Share your story with a quick video - so we can help people across the country to understand voter ID laws and their impact on the fundamental right to vote.

By recording a video, you authorize VoteRiders to utilize your name, likeness, and the content of the video you’re about to record to help accomplish the mission of VoteRiders. We will never sell your personal information or email address.

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Other Ways to Share Your Story

You can also send pictures and/or written stories to us through our Contact Page, email us: info(at) voteriders(dot)org, call our Voter ID Helpline at 844-33-VTRID, or upload your video to YouTubeFacebook, or Twitter. Tag it with @VoteRiders! Make sure to tell us your name (or the name of the voter featured) and share your city, state, and polling location or government office location. Thank you!