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Help a friend or loved one get their voter ID

It can take months to get certified copies of a birth certificate, citizenship papers, marriage certificates, etc. DMVs or other government agencies can be many miles away and the hours they are open can be limited. Even voters who HAVE ID that is valid for voting in their state may be so confused and intimidated that they decide not to vote. You can help. 

Here are three thing you can do to help your grandmother or grandfather, your neighbor, your best friend. It could even be you!

  1. EDUCATION: Talk to everyone you know about the specific voter ID requirements in your state
  2. DOCUMENTATION: Help your friend or loved one fill out the paperwork to order a certified copy of any necessary documentation. If you have any questions or need help, call VoteRiders Voter ID Hotline: 844-33-VTRID or contact us
  3. TRANSPORTATION: Offer a ride to the DMV or other government agency to obtain or renew ID to vote for friends or loved ones who don't drive.

PLEDGE NOW to make sure your friends and family are able to exercise their right to vote! We will send you a guide to voter ID requirements in your state.

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