American Indian Leaders Call for Congress to End Voter Suppression

Nonprofit Quarterly,  April 21, 2019

Among the testimony offered at the hearing, Prairie Rose Seminole, an Native American voting rights activist, told the committee, “In the 2014, 2016, and 2018 we started to see more American Indian voters denied their right to vote because of the denial of common forms of identification such as tribal IDs and student IDs. Elders were turned away because they didn’t have ID cards and they no longer had the affidavit process, legitimizing their right to vote.” ...

To get the 2,400 IDs issued, we experienced numerous technical difficulties. The first day of free tribal ID’s our ID machine melted down the actual physical IDs because it became too hot. As a result, we sought assistance through any means necessary, social media, news outlets, and moccasin telegraph. We received an outpouring of support and donations to further our cause. The Turtle Mountain Tribal College created a help line which the students volunteered manning. We purchased new machines to produce IDs and set them up at numerous locations throughout the community. Our dedicated Motor Vehicle Department staff worked 14-hour days for the two weeks through the date of the election. We held get out the vote rallies.

By Steve Dubb

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