Arizona Bill Would Ban Use of Utility Bills, Student Cards as Voter ID

Phoenix New Times,  December 3, 2019

"A new bill from a Republican legislator would shorten the list of acceptable forms of voter identification at the polls.

Currently, non-photographic forms of identification like bank and property tax statements, utility bills, vehicle registration, and insurance cards all work at the polls, so long as a voter brings two separate documents.


On top of restricting non-photo IDs, the voting bill pre-filed by  [State Representative Kelly] Townsend on Tuesday would also explicitly ban university and high school students from using their school-issued identification cards at the polls.

The school ID provision appears to be a thinly veiled political dig at Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, a Democrat elected to the statewide position in 2018.

Voters currently are prohibited from using their student IDs to get a ballot. That could change if Arizona Governor Doug Ducey approves new election procedures proposed by Hobbs, which would would allow public school IDs at the polls if, and only if, the card contains a voter's address.

That's a big if. Most public school identification cards, including those issued by Arizona State University (ASU), do not contain addresses.


As Townsend serves as chair of the House Elections Committee, expect her bill to get a hearing during the legislative session that begins in January. But don't expect it to pass.

Because the bill would affect election restrictions approved by voters in 2004, Arizona's Voter Protection Act requires three-fourths of lawmakers to vote yes to pass Townsend's legislation, rather than a simple majority."

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Hannah Piercey