Associated Students of Madison calls on Wisconsin, university to make Wiscards valid voter IDs

The Daily Cardinal,  September 5, 2019

If ASM can get a bill to pass in the state legislature that extends the voter ID expiration limit to five years instead of two, [ASM Legislative Affairs Chair Katie] Malloy is “very confident” UW-Madison will then allow for signatures on Wiscards — thus fulfilling both requirements and making them valid voter IDs. ...

Students would still have to register to vote themselves, but having a Wiscard serve as a voter ID would eliminate the step of obtaining a separate voter ID card from the university. They would still have to show proof of residence and proof of enrollment.

Student ID cards serve as voter IDs at other UW System campuses — UW-Green Bay, UW-Eau Claire, UW-Stout and UW-Superior, according to the ASM legislation — by reprinting the cards every two years, Malloy said. However, this would be an unlikely policy for UW-Madison to implement, since it costs $16 to reprint a Wiscard.

By Dana Brandt

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