Challengers of Iowa Voter ID Law Advance Case

Courthouse News Service,  July 7, 2018

Judge Karen Romano sided with the challengers Friday afternoon following a three-hour hearing, agreeing to sever the administrative claim as a separate cause of action from the constitutional issues.

Romano promised as well to issue a ruling in the near future on whether Iowa’s new restrictions on absentee balloting should be enjoined ahead of the November midterm elections. Since the ID requirement is not slated to effect until 2019, allegations concerning it are not as pressing.

As for the absentee-ballot changes, however, the state in November will require that absentee ballots include a voter identification number and that election officials verify signatures on absentee ballots. ...

[V]oters cannot present student ID unless the ID includes the voter’s photograph and a valid expiration date.

Iowa State University student Taylor Blair brought the court challenge to the law this past May, noting that his school ID does not include an expiration date.

By Rox Laird

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