Closer look at approved Voter ID amendment in North Carolina

WXII,  November 9, 2018

The amendment had 55.55% of the vote while 44.45% of voters denied it. The General Assembly is expected to form and pass a bill outlining the details of the law and a start date for it by the time the General Assembly loses the Republican Super Majority in the beginning of next year. While the Governor is expected to veto any Voter ID law that is put on his desk, the Republican Super Majority could override that veto as long as they have that opportunity by the beginning of next year. ...

“We’re really concerned about what this law is going to look like because we know the last time the General Assembly passed a Voter ID restriction, they wrote it in a way that a federal court found targeted black voters with quote, ‘Almost surgical precision.’ They allowed certain ID’s that were disproportionately used by white voters and did not allow other ID’s disproportionately allowed by black voters. We now have the lame duck General Assembly that put this amendment on the ballot coming in to fill in the details of what this law is actually going to look like so we’re going to do everything in our power, working with people across the state to make sure that this law is not going to discriminate against voters based on what types of ID’s they might have. One thing we know right now today is that more than 200,000 North Carolinians lack a DMV-issued ID. So there are a lot of these questions about what forms of ID are going to be accepted and what accommodations are going to be included in the law, are free ID’s going to be provided to people who don’t have them, these questions are going to be crucial to determining the future of voting rights in North Carolina,” said Mike Meno, the Communications Director for the American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina.

By Steve King

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