COVID-19 Will Suppress the Vote in November

International Policy Digest,  May 10, 2020

“Each voter should make an informed decision as to whether they want to vote by mail, or in person, pending public health guidance and their own assessment of risk,” said Laina Reynolds Levy, Director of Communications and Development at VoteRiders. VoteRiders is a non-partisan organization that educates citizens on the requirements of acquiring a voter ID card for national and local elections. ...

Besides their staff working on the ground in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin, VoteRiders works with at least 435 partner organizations across the nation to promote voter registration. Among the beneficial collaboration between VoteRiders and community groups, VoteRiders spends time reaching out to millions of voters in at-risk neighborhoods to keep them up to date and informed of recent changes in voter registration, responding within hours to voter inquiries via voter hotlines, and mailing voter documents to citizens who do not have access to a printer or copier.

By Benjamin Schiller

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