Dane County study shows voter ID law should be temporarily suspended

Wisconsin State Journal,  October 11, 2017

The new photo ID law is why Dane County worked with the university to ensure student voting-compliant IDs were widely accessible on campus and why we created public service announcements on the topic. We also partnered with VoteRiders, a national nonprofit assisting people in obtaining photo IDs. ...

The study found that Wisconsin’s photo ID law deterred 11 percent of survey respondents from voting. This corresponds to 17,000 registered voters in Dane and Milwaukee counties and an estimated 40,000 voters statewide. These are people who proactively registered ahead of the election, who had already taken the first crucial step to voting. In fact, 80 percent of those surveyed had voted in the 2012 November election.

Moreover, many of these respondents had acceptable photo ID for voting, yet still cited lack of a required photo ID as the reason they didn’t vote. This phenomenon was previously unknown in Wisconsin. This study will change voter education and outreach efforts in the County Clerk’s Office, and should all across the state.

By Scott McDonell and Sharon Corrigan

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