Disability Is No Reason To Strip A Person’s Voting Rights

Huffington Post,  May 13, 2018

As Congress contemplates shoring up America’s elections against known foreign interference, partisan battles rage about the real threat to fair elections and the consequences of federal intervention in election law. Is the real threat Russian hackers or noncitizens voting? Solutions range from hiring cybersecurity firms to protect voter registration databases and stop Russian hackers to requiring a photo ID to vote in an attempt to stop voter fraud.

But allegations of voter fraud are notoriously difficult to prove, and eventually the focus lands on voters with disabilities who may need assistance when casting their ballots. ...

Voting is the right on which all other rights depend. We don’t need to worry about foreign hackers delegitimizing our elections; we have already shown we are quite capable of turning our own citizens away from the polls.

By Michelle Bishop

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