Election Day voter registration poses ‘very little risk’ for fraud, audit finds

Deseret News,  September 20, 2019

There is actually “very little risk for fraudulent voting” in those cases, the audit found, because those new voters are required to cast provisional ballots that aren’t counted until after the election, during the two weeks officials have to verify voter eligibility and make other checks, including whether more than one ballot was cast.

Nearly 1.1 million votes were cast in Utah’s 2018 midterm election, including 54,000 provisional ballots. Of the almost 2,000 provisional ballots rejected in that election, just 115 ended up not being counted due to double-voting, the audit stated.

Most of the rejected provisional ballots were the result of “incomplete or illegible registration cards, no proof of ID or residency, or cards that simply lack signatures,” according to the audit.

By Lisa Riley Roche

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