Election Protection gets court to force St. Charles election director to obey law

The St. Louis American,  November 8, 2018

Volunteer lawyers with the national Election Protection initiative filed the lawsuit on Dukes’ behalf. Throughout the day, Election Protection lawyers received numerous complaints about poll workers requiring photo IDs from about 24 precincts in St. Charles County, said Denise Lieberman, the Missouri coordinator for the initiative. And they have evidence in these precincts that the poll workers’ conduct was in clear violation of the law, she said.

“The fact that these complaints were pervasive throughout St. Charles County suggests that this was not a mere mistake on behalf on one or two poll workers who may have been confused about the recent ruling,” Lieberman said. “Rather, this suggests a systemic and wholesale failure to comply with the law. I believe that’s why the court granted this order tonight.” ...

Earlier on Tuesday, The St. Louis American reported that poll workers at two locations in St. Charles County were telling voters that they disagreed with the October court decision and were requiring voters to provide a state-issued photo ID to obtain a ballot regardless, according to lawyers with the Election Protection initiative.

By Rebecca Rivas

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