Expanded partnership to offer REAL IDs to returning citizens

Augusta Free Press,  October 6, 2019

The Virginia DMV and the Virginia Department of Corrections will partner to offer REAL ID-compliant identification cards to returning citizens at all DOC facilities in the Commonwealth. ...

Since 2012, DMV Connect teams have visited every DOC facility to process applications for identification cards for offenders nearing release, issuing more than 28,000 state IDs. The teams use portable equipment that fits inside a suitcase and contains everything they need to process a credential transaction, including taking a new photograph. In addition to serving DOC facilities, DMV Connect also provides service at Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) facilities, as well as federal prisons, sheriff’s offices, and regional jails.

The popularity and ease of the program inspired DMV to integrate additional DMV Connect teams into its overall service model, providing full DMV service at locations where customers frequent such as shopping centers, libraries, retirement communities, military bases, government centers, and more. DMV currently has eight Connect teams stationed in all corners of the Commonwealth.

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