Fiscal note only partially accounts for millions that photo ID amendment will cost N.C.

NC Policy Watch,  December 5, 2018

[T]he fiscal note for the latest version of voter photo ID legislation was posted to the North Carolina General Assembly website. The memo is only able to address some of the costs that this new barrier to voting will create, and even this partial accounting shows that it will cost North Carolina millions to solve a non-existent problem. If experiences in other states are any guide, the real cost to governments and citizens is likely to be much higher, and will divert resources from addressing real barriers facing the voting public. ...

[T]he state will be erecting barriers to vote for poor whites, Black and brown voters across the state, many of whom live in rural communities.  Even with a no-cost ID card available, there are still costs to individuals of obtaining identification to vote that put a squeeze on the budgets of those living in poverty or with fixed incomes.  These costs include the cost of supporting documentation, travel times to DMVs and wait times at DMVs.

By Alexandra Sirota

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