Latest voter ID bill tries to address absentee ballots

AP News,  December 5, 2018

A voter photo identification bill won state House approval Wednesday, a proposal now also altered to try to improve absentee ballot security in North Carolina in light of fraud allegations in a congressional district.

The House version of legislation detailing how a new constitutional amendment mandating photo ID to vote in person is carried out starting in mid-2019 also directs the state elections board next year to figure out how people requesting mail-in absentee ballots also must offer ID. ...

The House approved overwhelmingly Wednesday the specific language addressing mail-in balloting, which would also provide some exceptions to an ID requirement. But House Minority Leader Darren Jackson said the measure largely fails to offer other reforms that could reduce the possibility that someone is filling out another person's absentee ballot illegally.

By Gary D. Roberston

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