Legislators disagree on the need to change NC's voter ID law to help college students vote

The East Carolinian,  March 21, 2019

The law requires that the university or a contractor take the photographs for ID cards, but some schools allow people to submit their own photos, Strach wrote.

The law also requires the university to confirm that the IDs are given to students who have provided personal information that includes Social Security numbers, citizenship status, and birthdates. Some schools use other ways to identify students, [State Elections Director Kim] Strach wrote. ...

The state elections board had to meet a Friday deadline to approve tribal enrollment cards, student IDs, and employee IDs for voting in 2020. The elections staff approved 72 institutions' applications and rejected 13. All 13 rejected applications were from UNC institutions, including one from UNC Healthcare, which asked to have its employee IDs approved.

By Lynn Bonner

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