Many Voices Argue Over Meaning of Voter Fraud at NH Supreme Court

AP,  June 1, 2018

In its memo, the ACLU argued that the court shouldn't even consider the issue, but if it does, it should find that the bill arbitrarily and irrationally targets college students and would impose discriminatory financial requirements on them.

In a memo filed jointly with the Fair Elections Center, the group also said the bill would treat similar people differently solely based on voter registration. For example, if twins from Maine moved to New Hampshire to attend college and one of them registered to vote, that person would be required to also register his or her car while the other would not.

"The imposition of fees on voters simply because they decide to register to vote in New Hampshire is the very definition of a poll tax," said Gilles Bissonnette, the ACLU's legal director. He said the bill should be declared unconstitutional.

Supporters of the legislation, however, argued that a poll tax exists only if paying a fee is required before voting, which would not be the case if it passes.

By Holly Ramer

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