Media strategist speaks on voter ID laws (from 10/4 event feat. Don Ringe and Kathleen Unger)

Pepperdine Graphic,  October 17, 2012

{this article is based on the 10/4 speaking engagement at Pepperdine, featuring Don Ringe and Kathleen Unger}

Don Ringe, an Emmy award winning media strategist, will deliver a lecture on voter identification laws this evening at 4 p.m. in Payson Library. His presentation will examine voter ID laws and their potential impact on the 2012 presidential election.

The debate between Republicans and Democrats over the law requiring voters to show a photo ID has received national attention. The Democratic Party has vehemently opposed the law, which was written by state Republicans. While Republicans claim the law is needed to prevent voter fraud, Democrats claim the measure is “discriminatory.” Since 2008, 31 states have passed voter ID measures. Requirements and acceptable forms of ID vary from state to state. In order to vote in a state or federal election, citizens of these states are required to present state-sanctioned photo identification.

Ringe, who opposes the voter ID laws, has worked as a political media consultant for nearly 45 years. Included on his list of clients are Ronald Reagan and Bob Dole. Up until 2007, Ringe worked exclusively for Republican candidates. He left the party in 2008 to vote for Barack Obama. “It’s a Lee Atwater approach to governing. It’s unfair. And, I think that most people regardless of their registration party will see it that way,” Ringe said.

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