Missouri Supreme Court To Decide If Voters Without Photo ID Must Sign Affidavit

St. Louis Public Radio,  October 4, 2019

"The Missouri Supreme Court heard arguments Thursday on whether a portion of the state’s voter identification law is unconstitutional. 

The law allows three methods to cast a vote. People can show a photo ID; another form of identification, like a utility bill, but are then required to sign an affidavit; or they can cast a provisional ballot, which will only count once they return to show ID or election workers match their signatures with a past ballot. 

The signed affidavit option is what Priorities USA, a Democratic-aligned voting rights group, argues is unconstitutional. Last year, Senior Cole County Circuit Judge Richard Callahan agreed, saying the language in the affidavit was misleading and confusing. 


If the Supreme Court finds it unconstitutional, the state Legislature could rewrite portions of the voter ID law or the affidavit itself."

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Hannah Piercey