NC To Appeal Voter ID Decision, Won't Require ID In March 3 Primary

AP,  January 3, 2020

The state DOJ won’t go to court to try to require the use of photo identification for the March 3 primary “to avoid further voter confusion in the primary election in which absentee voting begins in just 11 days and to ensure that the primary election proceeds on schedule and is administered in an orderly manner,” the [office of Attorney General news] release said. ...

The 2016 ruling said photo ID and other voter restrictions were approved with intentional racial discrimination in mind, and [U.S. District Court Judge Loretta] Biggs wrote in her ruling that the newest version of the law was no different in that respect.

Legislators received a breakdown of voter behavior by race before passing the first voter identification law and used that data to target African American voters, the court wrote in striking down that law.

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