North Carolina GOP legislators make late pitch to keep photo ID

WNCT,  January 10, 2020

"North Carolina Republican lawmakers made a last-minute plea on Friday to a federal judge as they seek to save a photo identification requirement to vote that had been set to begin with the March primary.

The GOP legislative leaders already have been turned away by U.S. District Judge Loretta Biggs from entering the lawsuit that the NAACP filed against other state officials to challenge the December 2018 law. They’re again seeking to intervene while asking Biggs to suspend her decision last week that prevents the photo ID mandate from being implemented for the time being.

Biggs wrote Dec. 31 that the new voter ID rules still contained the racially discriminatory taint of several sections of a 2013 voting law that a federal appeals court declared unconstitutional in 2016. That 2013 law required photo ID but also scaled back early in-person voting. Republicans have controlled the General Assembly since 2011.


The State Board of Elections already has announced photo ID won’t be needed in primary voting, which essentially begins next week as county election boards begin mailing absentee ballots to those requesting them. The photo ID law, approved weeks after a November 2018 statewide referendum passed enshrining voter ID in the state constitution, also directs mail-in voters to provide a qualifying ID in most cases"

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Hannah Piercey