Poll: Texans remain confused by Voter ID law

Corpus Christi Caller-Times,  October 20, 2016

Texas' 5-year-old voter ID law, the subject of both a protracted court challenge and a $2.5 million state-paid public education effort, still appears to be causing confusion for voters as the 2016 election campaign steams toward the finish line.

A University of Houston poll of 1,000 registered voters who said they were either certain or very likely to cast ballots in the Nov. 8 elections found that more than half of the respondents remain uncertain of the status of the voter-identification requirements. ...

The poll, released Monday, showed that confusion about voter ID cut across all demographic lines, but a greater percentage respondents who were African-American, Asian or Hispanic than were Anglo answered that a government-approved photo ID was required at the polls. Among Anglos, 58 percent said either that a photo ID was not necessary or that they did not know.

Only 41 percent of Asian respondents, 50 percent of Hispanic respondents and 52 percent of African-American respondents said either no photo ID was required or that they were unsure.

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