REAL ID act affecting Texas residents, new requirements for renewing a Texas ID

KFDX,  July 29, 2019

“You have to take your birth certificate in to prove your identity and so if you’re a female and you’ve been married you also have to take in your marriage license and you need a certified copy or the original of those documents or they won’t let you get your driver’s license renewed,” Archer County clerk Karren Winter said.

To get a new license in addition to proof of identity, you’ll need proof of lawful presence, residency in Texas, social security number and Texas vehicle registration/ insurance. ...

“If you were born in Wichita County or in say Corpus Christi and you live in Archer, you would have to go to a county that’s online or contact the county where you were born,” Winter said. ...

Across the state of Texas, it costs $23 to obtain a birth certificate from the county. If you’re used to renewing online, and you don’t have the seal yet, you’ll have to stop by the DPS.

By Lauren Linville

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