Reminder: Bring your ID to vote in 2019

Ottumwa Courier,  January 9, 2019

Try to remember your ID when you go to the polls. It'll make things easier. If you don't remember, however, you won't be barred from voting.

A press release to the Courier from Paul Pate, the Iowa secretary of state was to remind Iowans that Voter ID is required before casting a ballot at the polling place as of New Year's Day, 2019.


As provided by the Iowa Secretary of State, valid forms of ID to show at the polls include: Iowa Driver's License, Iowa Non-Operator's ID, Military ID, U.S. Passport, Tribal ID, Veteran's ID, Voter ID Card.

The voter ID card is free for those who do not have a different form of ID. They are sent out by the state. If you have lost yours, contact your local auditor's office.

By Mark Newman

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