Researchers Find African-Americans Are Less Likely Than Other Texans To Have Photo ID

Houston Public Media,  January 11, 2018


here is something of a mystery at the heart of the voter ID cases: how many Texans actually lack the documents required to cast a ballot in the state, and who are they?  Now, two Justice Department expert witnesses have come up with an algorithm that may provide answers. …

The study found that five percent of Texans didn’t have a form of ID that would allow them to vote under the current law.
“Of those who don’t have IDs, minority voters, particularly African-Americans, were less likely to possess a photo ID,” [Eitan Hersh (a political science professor at Tufts University and one of the algorithm’s developers)] says.
He says that Latinos were less likely to have ID than whites, but more likely than African-Americans to have one.

By Jill Ament and Shelly Brisbin

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