Restrictive voter ID laws are no match for this group

NBC News,  February 10, 2018

Since 2012, [VoteRiders] has led a grassroots operation to help voters adhere to each state's individual requirements — rather than fight them through lawsuits. And it is beefing up its operation ahead of November's elections, deploying hundreds of staff and volunteers across the country as Democrats, targeting over 100 seats in Congress, look for a wave and Republicans try to maintain control.

Kathleen Unger, VoteRiders' founder and CEO, told NBC News that efforts will be particularly robust in states with competitive House, Senate or gubernatorial races, including Arizona, Wisconsin and Florida. She was moved to create the group after the 2010 midterms election, anticipating a slew of new voting restrictions.

Justin Levitt, a constitutional law professor and voting expert at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, said organized voter education efforts like VoteRiders' are an important complement to any legal challenges. The laws create confusion that doesn't magically disappear with a court decision, he said. …

...Anita Johnson, the Wisconsin coordinator for VoteRiders, has seen firsthand how the requirements prove a barrier to the ballot box for many.
By Dartunorro Clark
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