SC man with 'Unnamed' on birth certificate hits a legal snag trying to get REAL ID

Greenville News,  September 1, 2019

That process — nearly a year in the making — started when the DMV employee told Clinkscales, “I can’t take this birth certificate because your name isn’t on it,” and handed him back his slightly worn, wallet-sized birth certificate that shows his birth number, the county registrar’s name, his parents’ names and the one printed as his own: “Unnamed Clinkscales.”

Clinkscales’ case is far from unusual in South Carolina, particularly for minorities and low-income South Carolinians, legal professionals familiar with these cases say.

It’s hard to nail down just how many people are struggling to get their name changed on their birth certificate and running into Clinkscales’ same predicament, but attorneys who work on these type of cases say they are frequent, as did one office for a Family Court judge The State reached out to. ...

The process of changing a birth certificate can be time-consuming, complicated and can be costly. ...

“Every state is dealing with the exact same issues,” [S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles’ chief Kevin] Shwedo told The State Tuesday. “It’s unique to all 50 states.”

By Maayan Schechter

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