South Carolina's SC’s Social Security requirement stops people from voting, federal lawsuit alleges

The Charlotte Observer,  November 25, 2019

"South Carolina is one of just four states that will not let someone vote unless they disclose their full nine-digit Social Security number on voter registration applications.

And in an era of identity theft that makes people wary of giving out their full Social Security numbers, that requirement makes South Carolina one of an 'extreme minority' of states and is unconstitutional because it keeps eligible people from voting, according to a lawsuit filed by a Washington D.C. law firm in South Carolina’s federal court Monday against state election officials.


Requiring potential voters to cough up their full Social Security numbers is a significant problem in South Carolina, when people conducting voter registration drives have to ask other people to put their Social Security numbers on a blank form along with other personal information, the lawsuit says.


South Carolina’s full Social Security disclosure requirement is 'wholly unnecessary' because 'nearly all of the other states (and the District of Columbia) use some other identifier besides a full Social Security number to register voters,' the lawsuit says.

Other identifiers used by other states include a driver’s license or the last four digits of a Social Security number, the lawsuit alleges."

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Hannah Piercey