Standing Rock, Spirit Lake file agreement with North Dakota over voter ID law

The Dickinson Press,  April 25, 2020

North Dakota’s agreement with the two tribes will ensure that tribal IDs and tribal designated street addresses are accepted as valid. The agreement will also cement commitments made by state officials to reimburse tribal expenses incurred while producing voter IDs.

Additionally, the agreement will allow Native Americans who do not have or do not know their residential street address to locate their residence on a map at the polls or when applying for an absentee ballot. The Secretary of State will also also work with the North Dakota Department of Transportation to develop a program with tribal governments to issue free non-driver photo IDs on every reservation statewide within 30 days of future statewide elections.

“Collectively, the two tribes have over 7,000 residents of voting age that will benefit from the consent decree, which will be in force for the statewide primary election on June 9,” a news release from the Campaign Legal Center stated.

The agreement still has to be approved by the courts....

By C.S. Hagen

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