Students at these colleges can use their North Carolina student IDs to vote. Many others can’t.

The Charlotte Observer,  November 15, 2019

Dozens of community colleges, private colleges and state and local government agencies either didn’t apply to have their identifications accepted at the polls, or their applications were rejected — and new applications won’t be accepted until after the 2020 elections.

Voters looking to use a student or employee ID might need to consult a list on the State Board of Elections website to determine if their ID is considered valid. And it won’t be clear for a few more weeks how many UNC System schools will have their student IDs accepted. ...

No UNC System campuses were on the latest list, but 12 of them that had their applications rejected in the first round have until Friday to reapply. As of last week, only UNC-Chapel Hill and UNC-Charlotte had filed new applications, although others — including UNC-Wilmington and Western Carolina University — say they plan to submit applications by the deadline.

By Colin Campbell

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