Texas objects to proposed motor-voter fixes

Austin American-Statesman,  May 21, 2018

Lawyers with the Texas Civil Rights Project submitted a seven-page list of solutions that would give [the Department of Public Safety] 45 days to create a system that would ask online users if they want to register, or update their address on voter rolls, with every driver’s license transaction.

The organization’s plan, designed to make voter registration easier for the estimated 1.5 million Texans who handle driver’s license transactions online each year, would require DPS to send the information to the secretary of state’s office, which would forward it to county voter registrars. …

[J]udge [Orlando Garcia] last week [issued] a 61-page opinion that said federal law requires DPS to give Texans the chance to register to vote — or to update voting records to reflect a change of address — when they renew, update or obtain a driver’s license.

By Chuck Lindell

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