Texas’ voter ID law is confusing voters into disenfranchising themselves

Reveal,  November 6, 2018

In 2016, Texas’ most important congressional race could have turned on a simple question: Am I allowed to vote?

Nearly 15 percent of the people who didn’t vote in Texas’ 23rd Congressional district that year told researchers at Rice University and the University of Houston that a major reason they didn’t cast a ballot is because they didn’t have an ID.

Here’s the thing: Nearly every single one of those non-voters — around 98 percent — actually had the proper ID to vote. ...

In a court filing, Texas said it distributed information packets about voter ID requirements to some 1,800 community groups to assist with education campaigns. But officials from hundreds of the local community organizations contacted by ProPublica in 2017 said they never saw any of these materials. A year later, when we contacted a handful of prominent voter registration groups, they still said they hadn’t seen these packets, nor had they heard of any other similar groups obtaining information packets.

By Aaron Sankin

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