Trial Begins In Challenge Of Iowa's Voter ID Law

Iowa Public Radio,  June 24, 2019

"A trial began Monday focused on the question of whether Iowa’s voter ID law unconstitutionally infringes upon Iowans exercising their right to vote.

The League of United Latin American Citizens and Iowa State University student Taylor Blair are asking a judge to strike down three parts of the law, which was passed by Republicans in the Iowa Legislature in 2017.

The challenged provisions are a requirement to show voter identification at the polls, a requirement to use a voter ID number when applying for an absentee ballot, and allowing county auditors to reject absentee ballots and applications because a voter’s signature doesn’t appear to match other election records.


These provisions have not yet been enforced in a general or midterm election. A judge put the new absentee identification number and signature verification laws on hold before the 2018 election.

The voter ID requirement was in a “soft roll-out” phase last year. Now, in 2019, the voter ID requirement is in effect.

But the plaintiffs called witnesses who said they were already affected by the voter ID law.


The trial in Polk County court could last about two weeks.

A judge in a separate but related case ruled against the state and struck down an administrative rule that bars elections officials from using the voter registration system to obtain missing voter information for an absentee ballot. The secretary of state’s office is asking the Iowa Supreme Court to overturn the ruling."


By Katarina Sostaric

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