'Unreasonable' New Hampshire voter registration law struck down

NBC News,  April 10, 2020

In a 54-page ruling made public Thursday, Superior Court Judge David A. Anderson said the law, known as Senate Bill 3, was "unconstitutional for unreasonably burdening the right to vote and violating equal protection under the New Hampshire Constitution." ...

The judge noted there has been an average of one confirmed case of voter fraud per year in New Hampshire over the past 20 years and concluded the requirements in the law did little to address fraud and only made registering more difficult.

The law falls “disproportionately on groups of individuals who use same-day registration more frequently than others. Young, mobile, low-income and homeless voters will all encounter SB 3 and be exposed to its penalties at a higher rate than other voters. Therefore the burdens imposed by the law are discriminatory, in addition to being unreasonable."

By Dareh Gregorian

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