Voting access becomes flashpoint in midterms just weeks away from Election Day

CNN,  October 15, 2018

Clashes over voting rights in two states this past week have renewed focus on the issue less than four weeks from the midterm elections.

In Georgia, a coalition of civil rights groups is suing Republican Secretary of State Brian Kemp after an Associated Press report found 53,000 people -- nearly 70% of them black -- had their registrations put on hold because minor mismatches on documents like their driver's licenses violate the state's new "exact match" requirement. Kemp's office says voters who have pending registrations will still be able to vote on November 6. ...

In North Dakota, meanwhile, Native American tribes, who largely vote for Democrats, are confronting the implementation of a law that requires voters to provide a form of identification that includes their legal name, current street address and date of birth. The problem, for some Native Americans, is the street address requirement. Native Americans who live on reservations or in rural areas that lack street addresses often instead use P.O. boxes.

By Eric Bradner

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