What you need to know about New Hampshire’s new voter residency law

Concord Monitor,  July 17, 2018

Residency is a higher step up than domicile, and one that confers more responsibility. Principally, residents are subjected to state motor vehicle registration law.

Under RSA 261:45, when a person has established “bona fide residency” in New Hampshire, they have 60 days to register their car and pay any outstanding resident taxes owed to the town. State driver’s licenses are also required. ...

In order for this change to have real-term effects for college students, there will need to be coordination between the Secretary of State’s office, which collects and files voter checklists, and the Department of Safety, which oversees the Department of Motor Vehicles. Those “newly declared” residents who voted would need to be passed on to state and local police responsible for ticketing drivers without proper registration.

But so far, there doesn’t appear to be any of that coordination.

By Ethan DeWitt

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