Why REAL ID Might Make It Real Hard To Vote In 2020...But not if you take a few steps now to make sure you’re prepared.

Medium,  October 15, 2019

[I]f your license is set to expire next year, and you use a driver’s license or state photo ID in your state to vote, you might want to apply for your REAL ID as soon as you can, or otherwise make sure you have some other acceptable voter ID form handy. Because you might not get that new license in time (and expired licenses often are not accepted at the polls). It’s a mixed bag for the 7 voter ID states that are requiring people to get REAL ID whenever their current licenses expire. Among them, Georgia should let you vote even if your Driver’s License is expired; Colorado won’t. Even then it gets murky: because state motor vehicle offices will often take or disfigure your old license, and then give you a temporary one until your REAL ID arrives in the mail. It’s likely that the temporary receipt can’t be used as a voter ID.

The nonpartisan group VoteRiders has good information about what’ll be required and/or accepted in each individual state. So you can click here, and look yours up.

By Eric Scholl

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