Why using Ohio BMV list to register voters misses many: far fewer young people drive

cleveland.com,  September 15, 2019

Increasing numbers of young people aren’t getting driver’s licenses. And many people don’t buy a state ID, or need to do so early in life. Earlier research focusing on voter ID laws indicate lower income people and minorities could disproportionately be left out of programs geared toward such forms of identification.

Among 18-year-olds nationally, only 62% have driver’s licenses, continuing a decades-long trend of fewer people getting their license early in life, according to federal data for 2017. This is a drop from 77% in 1987.

The same trend is true for 19-year-olds - 72% licensed in 2017, down from 81% in 1987 - and for 20-24-year-olds - 80% licensed in 2017, down from 89% in 1987.

By Rich Exner

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