Wisconsin's spring election still on for April 7 despite a chaotic week of political, legal wrangling

Wisconsin State Journal,  March 30, 2020

A Friday memo from the nonpartisan Legislative Reference Bureau said Dane County Clerk Scott McDonell and Milwaukee County Clerk George Christenson misinterpreted state elections laws when they encouraged voters to indicate on their absentee ballot they are indefinitely confined due to the pandemic, allowing them to avoid having to upload a photo ID. ...

McDonell said in a Friday email that Dane County’s legal counsel indicated his recommendation to voters is consistent with advice from the Wisconsin Elections Commission and is believed to be legally defensible.

The WEC does not allow using the indefinitely confined status simply as a means of avoiding the use of a photo ID, but also provides individual voters with the ability to make that decision. ...

“The intent of the statute is to allow voters who are indefinitely confined due to the COVID-19 virus to vote if they can’t get a state ID or don’t have the ability to copy their state ID without leaving home,” David Gault, Dane County’s lawyer, said in an email to McDonell.

By Mitchell Schmidt

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